Can your Business Website Rank in Local Search? You bet it can.

Google recently updated the way its local search algorithms work, and the resulting differences just might have big implications for businesses. While the landscape of search is changing, a lot of businesses can stay competitive by learning about:

  1. What kinds of content Google uses to determine geographic location
  2. Why mobile searches feature more (and different) local results (I.e the Local Pack)
  3. Which pieces of information need to be exactly right for customers to find you
  4. The best ways to use local review sites to improve your ranking and visibility
  5. How one simple social profile might outrank organic results

In our Local SEO Checklist, you’ll find a quick, simple, and convenient guide to organizing your website in a way that makes it easy for Google and local buyers to find you. You’ll get everything you need to attract customers in your area in a single resource.

Download yours today and see just how easy it is to stand out with customers in your area!