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Three partner levels: Approved, Sales, Affiliate. Which one is right for you?

Approved Partner

Approved Partners may be invited to participate in DropZone Pro Theme deployments (migrations and new website builds on HubSpot CMS).

  • Deployment Engagements
  • Program Dashboard
  • Domain Attribution
  • 10% Commission
  • Training & Support

Becoming an Approved Partner is for you if you are an approved HubSpot Solutions Partner. Individuals and web firms are welcome to apply.

To be invited to participate on deployments, you must be actively managing a website on HubSpot CMS and can demonstrate your competence within HubSpot's new page editing experience.

Lifetime commissions apply to DropZone Pro Theme Portal Licenses, Add-ons, and related renewals. Commissions are not available on engagements.

Sales Partner

Sales Partners facilitate the sales of a DropZone Portal License, Add-ons, and renewals in collaboration with Kayak's team.

  • Program Dashboard
  • Dedicated Landing Page
  • Domain Attribution
  • 10% Commission
  • Training & Support

Becoming a Sales Partner is for you if you are not providing services directly, and wish to earn a generous commission when clients purchase a license attributed via your approved domain.

Lifetime commissions apply to DropZone Pro Theme Portal Licenses, Add-ons, and related annual renewals.


Affiliates earn passive sales when their approved domain earns an attribution that results in a sale.

  • Program Dashboard
  • Domain Attribution
  • 2.5% Commission

Becoming an Affiliate is right for you if you prefer to earn passive income with minimal effort.

Commissions apply to DropZone Pro Theme Portal Licenses only. Affiliate commissions are not awarded for Add-ons or license renewals.

  • 90-day Referral Attribution
  • Creative Assets May Be Provided
  • Payouts Service or PayPal
  • Direct Links Attribution
  • Recurring Commissions

You probably have a few questions.

How much can I earn?

From 2.5 to 10% of the product sale value (values shown below). Our program is intended to reward partners: you earn -> we earn -> clients grow. So, your earnings have unlimited commission potential.

What sales are commissionable?

  • DropZone Pro Theme Portal License (2.5-10% of $17k ea)
  • DropZone Pro Theme Premium Support 10% of $5k annual, optional)
  • Add-on: Additional Domain(s) (10% of $1.5k ea)
  • Add-on: Business Unit(s) (10% of $1.5k ea)

How does Kayak know I referred a customer?

We utilize domain attribution. Once approved and admitted into the program, you'll enter your domain. A cookie is set and the referral attribution remains active for a period of is 90 days.

How do I know I referred a customer?

Partners receive access to a reporting dashboard. You can log in and check the status of your referrals at anytime.

How and when do I get paid?

You'll be ask to enter your payment email when setting up your account. Our operations team pays partners net 60 days (give or take a couple of days due to business hours and volume) either via PayPal or a payments service.

Can I get one of those tracking codes instead of domain attribution?

If you really, really, want one, you can. It's available from your dashboard. That said, domain attribution is active by default once you add your domain via setting up your dashboard.

Why don't I see my referral in the dashboard?

If your client prevents cookie tracking, attribution may be not set or lost. If you feel this has occurred, please attempt to register your referral. Free email providers are blocked from accessing this form. We accept registration requests only from your partner account email.

Can I lose my commissions?

Yes. If you break the agreement (that's on you). If you quit the program (it's a voluntary program). If you close the business associated with your account (non-transferrable). See the affiliate agreement.

Affiliate Partners qualify for initial Portal License commission only. Approved Partners and Sales Partners earn recurring commissions on all products sold.

Why should I join the Partner Program?

How does joining your program help my clients?

Your clients will benefit enormously from the cost and time savings of skipping the development part of the design and development process. To clients, this can mean months of effort reduced to being completed within a few days.

How does joining your program help me?

You earn a generous recurring commission. You'll look like a hero. You'll be facilitating the creation of your client's incredible new website (it might be the best website they've ever had) just by facilitating the sale of a DropZone Pro Theme license.

If you're an Approved Partner, you may be invited to participate in deployment. And of course, if you're helping your client build their pages, you can charge them for your efforts while working in an incredibly powerful website environment.

I'm a HubSpot Partner. Don't I already earn a commission on the HubSpot CMS?

HubSpot Solutions Partner organizations provide value-added services to HubSpot customers. We are also a HubSpot Solutions Partner. This DropZone Pro Theme partner program is a separate, and not associated with the HubSpot Solutions Partner program.

Opting to support your clients with DropZone Pro Theme offers you an opportunity to bill more, work less, and earn lifetime commissions on all attributed DropZone Pro Theme license sales noted above.

I'm not a webmaster. Why should I recommend website design tools?

You are not alone. HubSpot's CMS Hub is complex. It allows developers to create insanely good websites. But, the complexity of it all means that the vast majority of websites on HubSpot CMS are custom coded (read: expensive).

As such, a large number of customers on HubSpot use WordPress or another platform for their website, missing out on advanced data reporting, smart content, and personalizations that are simply not easy to replicate outside of HubSpot.

Our goal is to remedy that oversight and help you help your customers get the data they needed for more accurate reporting. Plus, you may be helping them create their best website ever. How cool is that?

Why shouldn't I just install one of HubSpot's free or cheap themes from the MarketPlace and build their site myself?

Great question. Nothing's stopping you from doing that. Just be aware that off-the-shelf themes are not the same thing as a developer theme. Manually building layouts in a drag and drop editor like HubSpot isn't about difficulty, it's about time.

Creating a page utilizing expertly-coded templates and purpose-build modules with advanced functionality can average 10-20 minutes per page, depending on complexity. With HubSpot's basic modules (Common Modules) and Starter theme layouts, recreating a similar page can take much longer, even without the advanced functionality. The truth is, there's only so much you can do using basic rich text and image type modules.

Check out this article, "HubSpot's CMS Hub: A User Experience-Centric Guide for Marketing Managers".

What does the implementation schedule look like?

  1. Client purchases the appropriate DropZone Pro Theme software license.
  2. Kayak installs, configures, and applies the client's branding.
  3. Users begin building pages via a migration or new website creation, depending on the services purchased. (Could be you, the client, or us depending on the engagement.)
  4. Kayak's technical support team is available to tailor the theme if needed. 10 hours of technical support are available to address customizations post deployment, included in the license fee.

Is DropZone Pro Theme appropriate to use for a website migration?

Oh my, yes. In fact, migrations were the trigger event that led to DropZone Pro Theme's creation. As we were building websites for our own clients, we realized that we could save a tremendous amount of time by preparing a few things in advance. And by a few things, I mean the pre-development of an entire system of content modules and templates, optimized for SEO and UX.

From the decision to build the theme to first license delivery took approximately 900 hours of development effort and we are still at it - creating even more great components and refining the code.

With the completion of the initial theme, we are able to reduce the traditional custom design and development process to days instead of months. The value proposition to the client is enormous, making the sales decision pretty easy and implementation, very fast.

What's the difference between a developer theme and a marketplace theme?

Developer themes permit a near-custom website design and development experience at a fraction of the cost of custom design. Marketplace themes are generally not very customizable, either by design (it's an agency lead generation magnet) or because the theme creator doesn't have the ability or the skills to code to that level.

Check out "5 Reasons You'll Regret Getting a Theme from the HubSpot Marketplace" now.

Can you tell me more about DropZone Pro Theme products?

  • DropZone Pro Theme Portal License
    Upon execution of the license agreement, receipt of full payment, and access to the client HubSpot portal, the current version of the theme, including templates and content modules are installed in the client's HubSpot CMS Professional or Enterprise Hub.°
  • DropZone Pro Theme Premium Support §
    Renews benefits for 12 months.
  • Add-on: Additional Domain ±
    First year benefits apply to each domain licensed via the add-on fee.
  • Add-on: Business Unit
    First year benefits apply to each unit licensed via the add-on fee.

° Licenses are sold with a non-commissionable service, template configuration. This service is a requirement for all customers as a degree of custom portal setup is needed to complete the implementation.

§ For the first 12 months, clients receive extensive benefits that include technical support time, quarterly check-ins, updates, new module/template releases, and bug fixes. The theme is warranted. After 12 months, clients renew their license annually at a lower rate in order to maintain the benefits and access to our technical team. Should a client opt to not renew, benefits are lost but the warranty remains. Clients are permitted to skip renewal periods with the fore-knowledge that benefits are lost during these times.

± HubSpot customers may opt to purchase Additional Domains and or Business Units for their portals. As DropZone Pro Theme is installed at the root of the design manager, all Additional Domains (PRO, ENT) Add-ons, Business Units (ENT) Add-ons and the primary domain have access to the toolset. Customers are billed a nominal fee to apply the DropZone Pro Theme License to access benefits for these. Due to the flexibility of DropZone Pro Theme, each domain in a portal may have a different design. Additional implementation fees may apply.

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