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SEO: page TITLE Best Practices

Title tips:

PAGE TITLE Best Practices

  • Under 512 pixels in width, generally 55 to 60 characters
  • Place keywords as close to the beginning as possible; the closer a word to the start of the tag, the more influence it exerts
  • Make title tags readable
  • If you include a brand in the title tags, place it at the end unless it is a well-known brand people seek out
  • Make each title unique
  • Avoid stuffing keywords
  • Write in natural language, not jargon or computer categories
  • If your title is too long, it will be truncated and replaced with an ellipsis (…)

Another recommendation, for inset page links, is that the title should form a complete message before Google cuts it off (make them shorter). Title tags that communicate a clear, coherent thought earn a higher click-through rate.

Check out SparkToro's Google in 2020 article.

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Marketing: META Descriptions

Meta tips:

  • Write compelling marketing copy
  • Stay shorter than 130 characters
  • Make the description unique on every page
  • Remember that Meta descriptions are NOT a ranking factor, they are a marketing factor
  • Forget quotation marks, they take up space
  • Meta descriptions are not required, but they are helpful
  • If your meta description is too long, it will be truncated and replaced with an ellipsis (…)
  • Google may select alternate text to show in the description
  • Include your page's keyword-phrase to connect the dots

The Meta Description is not used as a ranking factor. Rather, it is meant to draw readers to your website from Search engine results pages (prompt searchers to click). People will accept/want natural language so forget the jargon and watch your click-through rate climb.

Check out more tips for writing great meta descriptions by our friends at MOZ here.