Online Store for HubSpot Websites

Given that so many businesses are being forced to move online, the need for a stable, easy-to-use online store has become critical. Responding to this need, we've introduced SiteShop for Kayak Websites, starting at only $15/mo. Sell products through your website, on Google, Social, and even Amazon. Allow curb-side pickup or delivery. Connects to most any payment gateway such as Stripe, PayPal, and even to your bank effortlessly.

Every product needs a customer. Use the best marketing practices to acquire new customers, raise the average order value, and keep buyers coming back for more.

  • Get more traffic: Start an advertising campaign to reach your target audience and get more traffic into your store from Google and Facebook.
  • Convert visitors to customers: Motivate customers to buy more with discounts and convert visitors to buyers more effectively with follow-ups and ad retargeting.
  • Make customers loyal: Engage past customers to build loyalty and have them return as repeat buyers.
  • Analyze performance: Gather and analyze data to gain insights on your business performance and find areas to improve.