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Knowledge Transfer

Technical Execution

Collaborative Approach

Good things happen when your digital partner focuses on empowering you with strategies, tactics, and resources instead of just selling you tasks.

12 years. 600+ organizations.
Countless client successes.

We educate and empower clients to make changes. Kayak clients aren't afraid to learn, edit, review, refine, or even delete content if it doesn't support their business goals. No waiting on vendors to make changes.

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Heather Spurrell

Samuel Pogosian

Bill Brunton

Power and Access for Both Marketers & Business Owners

I now have real power and access to do what I need to do within the website and within my business. I don't need to go through a lengthy process or a giant costly company any more.

Heather Spurrell, The Rewilding Project

Sales & Marketing Knowledge Transfer for Your Organization

Working with Kayak...has allowed us to execute our marketing strategies...and learn a lot throughout the process. A key takeaway has been the knowledge transfer.

Samuel Pogosian

Technology in Support of Messaging and Strategy

The narrative right now is that technology is the solution. It's just not true. It never was true. Technology is just a tool that helps us deliver a message. Kayak gets it.

Bill Brunton

Featured Success Stories

Lessons Learned


Point Solutions are Pointless

Hiring design, SEO, and advertising firms isn't efficient. Empowering your team with skills, is.

Strategy > Tasks

Working Together Gets Results

By combinnig your subject matter expertise with our marketing expertise, good things happen.

Collaboration > Offloading

Tech Supports the Strategy

Technology exists to help you deliver your message to prospects. It's not the solution, it's the assist.

Leads > Looks

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