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2022-evans-Desktop-FrameThe Client

For nearly four decades, EVANS has been the global leader in providing innovative solutions for mission-critical operations (control rooms, situation rooms, consoles, etc).

They serve a diverse client base including public safety, aviation, process control, utilities, and technology, as well as numerous government agencies.

EVANS enjoys the industry's largest portfolio of control room projects completed to date, and lists the likes of NASA, Calgary Transit, Panama Canal, and Emirates Airlines on its client list.

The Challenge

A leading indicator of the state it was in – the website's visual design – was incredibly dated. But under the hood is where the real issues hid. An initial technical audit identified more than 800 errors contaminating the site (broken links, missing assets, security vulnerabilities, duplicate content, interstitials, and much more).

Roughly 200 pages had been cobbled together over the years by a variety of suppliers and staffers, creating a frightening user experience that left visitors guessing where they were and how to get out. Once-used-then-orphaned landing pages floated about the site, broken with time.

Double-digit drop-down navigation linked a mix of interstitial pages and anchors within pages. The accumulation of poorly executed pages not only wasn't even close to meeting industry standards, it negatively impacted the company's brand.

In a nutshell, it wasn't just poor; it was damaging. View the solution.

Grow Your Business

The Solution

In collaboration with the EVANS marketing and executive team, Kayak introduced and deployed our unique 5-Stage Website Lead Generation Approach.

Spanning all aspects of Marketing Strategy, Offer Deployment and Automation, Website Design and Development on HubSpot, SEO Optimization, and Website Activation via our holistic Coaching Program, Kayak's process is behind some of the biggest recent website gains.

Working from the top down to improve the site's user experience and follow current best practices, we began by eliminating the previously extensive drop-down navigation in favour of a more logical topical grouping of pages, and adding contextually-relevant navigation, in-line links, and CTAs.

Once navigation was solved, we worked with the team on template-based structure and visual design. With templates ready, the EVANS team rolled up their sleeves and participated in the creation of website pages, saving critical pages for the KAYAK team to deploy and automate.

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Bonus win, while not perfect, was improvements in Performance as measured by Google's Lighthouse.


Note: website scores fluctuate with competition, activity, social engagement and algorithm changes. Further, KAYAK clients are empowered to manage their own sites. As such, a site may transform significantly over time.

In 2011, we stopped doing marketing projects for the money and discovered how to really grow our business, and yours.

If you've ever worked with an ad agency, web design firm, or even a law firm, you're likely familiar with buying services from companies who sell you what you want to buy. It's very common and the way most small businesses operate; as a vendor.

What many people aren't as familiar with are two alternatives to operating as a vendor. More experienced businesses discover Process and Performance; or Partner and Coach, respectively. We like those words a lot. They open an opportunity to change the discussion from, "how much does it cost" to something like, "if we do X can we improve our results by Y". It's a radically different discussion.

In 2011, we refocussed our services to help our clients succeed. And thus, have removed acting as a vendor from our approach. It has been replaced with a determination to provide leadership and empowerment instead.

In a nutshell, our mission is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.

We are firm in our belief that great content deployed by knowledgeable marketers – like the team at EVANS –propels prospects to act and businesses to grow.

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