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DropZone Theme for HubSpot CMS


DropZone Theme is the first developer theme available to HubSpot customers. DropZone Theme was conceived to lessen or even eliminate the long delays and high costs commonly associated with custom website development projects. DropZone Theme is fully supported and backed by a lifetime warranty. And, is native to HubSpot's page editing environment.

You can only get so far with basic Richtext, Image, and Slider modules.

Check out some of DropZone Theme's more advanced content modules.


Static Module
Fixed Sections


Partial Repeater Module
+ Add Limited Sections


Repeater Module
+ Add Unlimited Sections

UI views may change at times. HubSpot's CMS environment is in Beta.
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Hero Module

DropZone Theme’s Hero module incorporates a range of often-requested features meant to help marketers convert website visitors.

This advanced content module features Image, colour, or video+poster backgrounds, Inline animation styling, Content positioning, pre-set Height adjustments, Colour overlays, Mobile content settings, and Smart rules support for language, location, and/or personalization.

The Hero is responsive, working in concert with Header modules to enable menus, hide/show, sticky menu, etc.


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Topics Module

Select from 1-4 topics that overlap the section above it. Allows users to introduce statements, highlights, quotes, paragraphs, videos...pretty well any content type you wish.

The Topics module features Content alignment, Background settings, Link/Hover options, Inline content styling, Animation classes, Extensive section styling, Anchor links, CTA links, and Style content by group or individually.


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Checkerboard Module

This robust Checkerboard module offers impressive features that support many content presentation needs. Set alternating sections or alternative positioning for Left, Right, and Vertical.

Marketers can format text on one side and insert rich media, such as video, images SVGs, colour blocks, and masking shapes on the other. This module allows the marketeer to set colour backgrounds to page width or screen width or just over the image/video portion.


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Persona Module

A robust module supports way-finding based on topics or personas, and introductions to more content via link or CTA.

Persona modules feature Content alignment, Background settings, Hover options, Inline content styling, Animation classes, Endless sections, Extensive sectional styling, CTA links, Inline links, and anchors.


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1, 2, 3 Module

A unique module to our special conversion-focused long landing page template, the 1, 2, 3 module is intended to convey a sequence of steps or events.

This module features Content alignment, Icon/image/text media, Background image, colour, Inline content styling, Animation classes, Width settings, Extensive sectional styling, Inline links and anchors, Fixed Module, Adjustable Columns and more.



Lottie Animations Module

Lottie Animation module features: Link to JSON URL/File, Background colour, Preview initial image, Alt text, Lottie player settings... height, width, speed, autoplay toggle, loop toggle, controls toggle, play on hover toggle, anchor ID field.


Widgets Module (Global Group)

A multi-column, top-aligned module that accepts a variety of content types including text, image, blog roll, embed, simple menu, and navigation selections.

On mobile, widget columns stack. The Widgets module works in concert with the Footer module to display content above the copyright notice and branding.


Header & Footer Modules (Global Groups)

DropZone Theme includes two header modules and one footer module: Header+Nav Module (toggle navigation), Header–Nav Module (no navigation), and Footer Module. Note that Headers and Footers are styled predominantly via global settings and HubSpot’s BrandKit. Some overrides of global settings by the marketer are permitted.


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a License

A DropZone License enables the current version of DropZone to be copied to your HubSpot portal. It cannot be purchased from the Marketplace.


Configure the

Kayak's team handles the initial branding effort, configures your page layouts, and sets up global content modules such as headers and footers.


Build Your

Get your website content migrated for you using DropZone or consider doing it yourself. Easily modify page layouts to support unique content needs. 

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