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In 2011, upon his return from a year-long battle with stage 4 cancer (which he won), Randy made some big decisions.

The first was to pivot our design firm towards a Done-With-You approach. No more retainers. No more hiding the secret sauce from clients. Just more success, born of collaboration and a mission to empower each other. That decision led to renaming us Kayak Marketing, founded in his love of paddling.

Randy wears his heart on his sleeve. When he's happy, you know it. And when he's not, you'll know it too. Thanks to him, there's no smoke or mirrors at Kayak. No pageantry of pitches. No creating 20 different versions of a thing and attempting to sell you one of them (while charging you for all 20), either. And no checking tasks off a list and claiming it was a good job.

At Kayak, Randy leads our mission to put you in a position to do more for yourself. By that, we mean collaboration, education, and goals achieved. Not tasks. At every turn, we give you advice based on what's best for you. Regardless of what it might mean to our revenue.

Randy's taught us to solve for the client, every time. Something that's rooted in his lived experience.

Ask him about it someday over a hot coffee or a cold glass of stout. You'll be glad you did.

Randy shared his personal experience and taught me a lot about how I should approach my work through storytelling. I would highly recommend speaking to Randy as he has a lot of great advice to share.

- Vatche Atikian

Randy exuded warmth and generosity during our interaction. His insights were not only brilliant but also transformative for me. I am deeply grateful for the time he spent and the wisdom he imparted. Thank you, Randy.

- Amir Zaker

He was truly inspiring and honest :) I am grateful to him as this was an eye-opening session. It led me to have an introspection session with myself :) Thanks a lot!

- Laavanya Dandona

Mr. Randy is really experienced and he answer a lot of doubts just in the first half of the session. The best part is he is very honest and insightful. We need to have some constructive criticism for our professional growth and he was really polite and professional while delivering his thoughts.

- Foram Joshi

What an amazing mentorship, it exploded my mind with knowledge 😂, I recommend Mr. Milanovic to anyone who wants to learn more about sales and how to understand a foundation for your business.

- Rafael Sordi

Randy is probably one of the best mentors that I've had the really great pleasure of being mentored by. He is very, very knowledgeable of his field and what he's talking about, and I ALWAYS find our sessions very, very helpful. He's also one of the very few mentors that I keep coming back to because of how much I learn from our time together.

- Dianna Cepsyte

I had an incredible session with Randy Milanovic. He gave me a lots of insights for talking to customers, Networking and how to do selling without actual sales. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks for an eye Opener!

- Kavita Bhate

I talked with Randy about our new product to receive his feedback. He helped us better plan for our marketing especially regarding community based marketing and how this process can help us go viral. I enjoyed the conversation with him and look forward to my next calls with him.

- Amir Nijad

Randy is super professional and explains in such a simple and clear way, I must point out that my English is not that good and I understood every word he said. Thank you very much for all! looking forward to meet you agian!

- Pavel Blitman

"Evans, your work is really good". It's a few words, but it meant so much to a designer losing faith in his creative ability. Randy so calmly, (with a great story too, I must add), walked me through understanding how I could create a "Presentation Approach" - a term I had never heard of - to my work, and land better opportunities. This is my first attempt at finding a design mentor, and starting out with Randy is such a priviledge, and a huge boost. Thanks Randy!

- Evans Osinakie

It was a great mentorship session with Randy. I was able to learn a lot about personal branding that I didn't know before. He was open and willing to share his experiences. And he has the ability to break down complex concepts for easy understanding which is very rare. Very inspiring.

- Ruechaporn Jansuwan

Randy is a real Marketer (storyteller) and a great human being. The examples and situations he uses to make you understand the process of anything is to the point. I had a great session! So much to learn from him even within half an hour.

- Sarita Soni

This is the first time in many years that I have sought mentorship, and I am glad it started with Randy. I came in with a chaotic state of mind, and Randy helped me find a way to introspect myself in a more structured manner. His way of inspiring you, helping you understand your problem, and leaving you in awe at the end, is something every mentee needs. 

- Nidhi Bennur

I came into the session with Randy thinking that our startup that hasn't yet gotten product-market fit doesn't need to do content marketing. Randy convinced me otherwise and showed me a brilliant and simple strategy to generate content from our target users that resonates with them and enables them to self quality or disqualify.

- Richard Otolo

Randy is an amazing mentor. From our first session alone I learned so much, and now have a better sense of direction for my career. Thanks again Randy!

- Myles McPherson

It was mind-blowing. Randy's an amazing mentor. I was super impressed with how he took the time to explain topics in the simplest form. Ended the mentoring session with insights and fresh ideas.

- Olabisi Adelaja

Randy began his career as a visual designer. Transitioned into marketing, coaching, and mentoring. And in between, wrote a few books.



#1 in all Amazon Markets except Japan where the book reached #3!

Why Search Engine Optimization is Dying


#1 in all Amazon Markets!

How Successful People Use Social Media for Business

Building a Better Business Website

#1 Amazon 13 Markets!

10 Crucial Strategies for Turning Your Online Presence into Something Your Company Can Actually Use.

The Art of Flowww

#7 Amazon Best Seller!

Convert the Other 95% of Your Website Visitors

Check out the work Randy's been doing with Ai utilizing his original photos as source images. It's pretty incredible and very beautiful. He teaches this technique to clients.

This video begins showing Randy's photo of a rainbow over Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park. Then reveals how he extended the photo using generative fill in Photoshop.

  • Founder, wpSites
  • Founder, SEO Audits
  • Published Author 2013-Current
  • E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee 2015
  • Voted #43 in the Top 100 Marketers of Influence, 2015
  • Featured (2-page spread) by The Financial Post, 2014
  • Calgary Small Business of the Year Finalist, 2013
  • Calgary Breakout Business Finalist, 2013
  • Syndicated Author Business to Community, 2015-current
  • Syndicated Author Social Media Today, 2011-current
  • Founder, Kayak Marketing 2011-Present
  • Founder, HandyRandy Communications 1999-2011