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Jet Worldwide asked us to help them improve the site's SEO scores, enable bilingual content with Smart tools, and simplify lead generation.

Improved navigation
Smart, Functional CTAs
Smart bilingual content
Bilingual System pages

Key Outcomes of the Transformation


Bilingual conversion utilizing HubSpot's smart toolset.


Bloat reduction by optimizing pages, navigation, and content.


300% increase in Google organic search traffic.

About the Client

Local & International Shipping Experts Who Know Logistics

Jet Worldwide supports businesses shipping locally or globally regardless if they ship independently or with a carrier like FedEx, UPS, or Purolator.

When people need to reduce costs related to last-mile delivery, they talk to the team at Jet Worldwide.

When Jet Worldwide needed to improve lead qualification, they turned to Kayak and DropZone Pro Theme with Smart content.



Attract and Convert

Create Smart Content

Improve Conversions

Search engines brought an enviable number of visitors.

An ongoing effort to attract traffic through helpful blog content and pillar pages was very successful.

Search engines brought hundreds of thousands of visitors with widely varying parcel shipping needs. Not all were Jet's ideal clients.

Lead qualification includes disqualification. So we took a closer look at the process.

A website audit revealed an oddly high proportion of exits from great content. 

Looking deeper, we noticed that the call to action wasn't always clear, or present.

Now, visitors are prompted to either Get a Rate/Ship, Track a Shipment, or log into/create an Account to prompt interaction and signups.

Researcher type visitors continue to access content.

Personalized to meet prospect conversion needs.

While an enormous number of visitors are discovering Jet Worldwide via search for their great content, potential customers want to request a rate, track a package, ship a package, or log into their accounts.

As such, we created a brightly coloured smart CTA and placed it strategically throughout the site to guide these visitors to engage.

Persona-based prompts and tools provide an important (and perfect) bookend to Jet's earlier traffic-building search engine optimization efforts.

Upgrading with DropZone Pro Theme brought additional benefits.

Jet Worldwide has been on HubSpot CMS for more than a decade. The legacy custom templates worked, but weren't the easiest to use. As a result, team members couldn't do everything they wanted to do.

With DropZone Pro Theme for HubSpot CMS, Jet's team now can do pretty much anything they wish...without needing to contact a developer or use limited starter themes.

We have worked with Kayak to maximize our Hubspot tools and strengthen our SEO strategies. Their team has class-leading capabilities in both Hubspot and general SEO best practices. With their help, shippers in Canada, the USA and around the world have been able to take advantage of Jet Worldwide's unique solutions for international e-commerce parcel delivery.

- Tim Byrnes, Owner

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Dig Deeper

It's amazing what we can learn when we ask the right questions about the data. It suddenly becomes actionable.


Uncover Insights

What at first appeared to be and issue of "more traffic" revealed itself more accurately to be more "quality" traffic.


Improve Conversions

Clarifying a call the action is easy when you have significant website visitors and data visibility thanks to HubSpot software.

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