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This industrial LED lighting manufacturer makes worksites safer. The challenge: navigating a 5-layer supply chain to make sales.

Explosion Proof & Hazardous Location Lighting

Nemalux LED lighting fixtures offer explosion-proof and hazardous location-rated lights using solid-state technology. Nemalux is faced with the daunting task of supply chain sales, where they may never know the end customer.



Clarify Messaging

Integrate HubSpot

Empower the Team

Identify Audiences and Clarify Messaging for Each

Selling into a supply chain is complex...the Nemalux team could be selling to a reseller who sells to another reseller, all the way down to an unidentified end user or installer.

Traditionally, industrial sales rely on specs and use cases shared by trained reps. Our research revealed that a number of key individuals influenced sales at different stages, so messaging was created for each.

It's a strategy we've come to call conversational fluency.

Integrate HubSpot Across Sales, Marketing, and Operations Teams

Like most 20-year-old manufacturing organizations, each department had its own system, cobbled together to provide reporting to the leadership team.

Recognizing the challenges associated with having such a legacy system, Nemalux decided to go all-in on HubSpot.

From website design & development to product management, sales & marketing coaching and even reporting, the Nemalux team worked with Kayak to standardize and integrate into HubSpot.

Dynamic pages, workflows, custom associations and more.

Empower Sales and Marketing to Achieve More

Addressing organization-wide change is no simple task. Nemalux didn't hesitate. They worked with Kayak to train their team to use HubSpot tools, automate their systems, and embrace modern digital marketing approaches.

The result is a digital transformation that has energized their organization toward their next 20 years.

Customized Modules

A change in tech stack shortly after launch meant a rethink and configuration of the website. Supported by training, the back end was replaced in the live site. Three custom modules were built to extend DropZone Pro Theme to deliver an improved user experience for Nemalux.

Kayak's approach involved a lot of hands-on learning and knowledge transfer, which we really liked. And, that was the actual reason we selected Kayak.

- Samuel Pogosian, CEO

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Kayak's team worked with the Nemalux leadership team to clarify and define audiences and messaging for multiple levels of the Industrial Lighting supply chain. Strategic consultant and former client Bill Brunton was brought in to lead this effort.


Hubspot CRM Suite

Managing everything from Deals, Quotes, to Products over 5 levels of the supply chain was made possible within HubSpot utilizing custom properties. Utilizing HubSpot's Dynamic Templates with HubDB made complex product management a snap.



It's one thing to have a new website. It's another thing to know how to use it well. The entire Nemalux team rolled up their sleeves and jumped right in, adopting a variety of Sales, Marketing, and Operational toolsets to ensure their efforts are properly tracked.