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Reality check:

Customers don't want to buy your products or services. They want to solve their problems. This program will help you align the two.

We developed this 6-week guided program to walk you through the process of tailoring your sales and marketing messaging to your prospects’ needs.

Week 1: Discovery

An exploration into the heart of your company with key stakeholders. We look at the objectives, challenges and opportunities you're facing. It's a facilitated conversation that works to uncover blocks, align team members, and focus your business thinking.

Week 2: Ideal Clients

The riches truly are in the niches. This session focuses on identifying ideal clients (organizations and use cases), clarifying which opportunities to focus on and which ones not to.

Week 3: Personas

Use cases in mind, we move on to psychographic and behavioural motivations of the individuals within your ideal client organizations. Following time-tested account-based marketing methods, role-based motivations are explored and documented.

Week 4: Crafting Messaging

Persona profiles in hand, we begin crafting personalized messaging to each key persona. Sales teams are wise to create playbooks with this information. We refer to this as building conversational fluency.

Week 5: Copywriting Frameworks

We review six key copywriting frameworks to determine which is most useful for you based on your chosen messaging approach. Then initial content is crafted.

Week 6: Design & User Experience

This is where we put it all together. We take a look at specific page lay0ut and design patterns to determine which to use and when.

Participants may adapt the assets and strategies developed in this program to other tactics and campaigns.

Failing to align messaging with customer needs and their desired outcomes results in wasted time, costly expenditures, and ineffective campaigns. Let's address that.

Meet Heather Spurrell of The Rewilding Project.

Why work with Kayak?

We've worked with more than 600 organizations both large and small to help marketers, sales managers, and business leaders improve lead conversion quality, shorten sales cycles, and achieve revenue goals.

Kayak Marketing was founded on the premise that you can accomplish much more when we're doing 'it' with you, than if we did it for you. Thus, our mission is to empower you with skills and knowledge to be more successful, with or without us. Learn more (FAQs).

We're often asked what our niche is. They're thinking in terms of verticals like Energy, SaaS, or Dentistry. We serve business leaders who value collaboration, bring subject matter expertise to the table with a desire to learn how to create success themselves.

The team went over and above to ensure that we were set up for long term success. Kayak is now a trusted partner that I would highly and heartily recommend.

- Lori Dundass, Associate Director, Business Marketing, ATB Capital Markets


Invaluable help maximizing our HubSpot tools and strengthening our content strategies. Kayak's team has class-leading capabilities.

Kayak's approach involved a lot of hands-on learning and knowledge transfer, which we really liked. And, that was the actual reason we selected Kayak.


Focus your messaging, land better leads. Starts at $10k.



Gather all the details about your business, your customer, and the problem to be solved.

Weeks 1 to 3



Write and design pages to support your goals and populate them with focused content.

Weeks 4 to 6



Plan and deploy personalized offers via email campaigns, social media posts, and ads.


We empower you with effective strategies, advanced tools, and expert guidance. We're a Calgary-based digital agency building great websites on HubSpot collaboratively, with you.

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Working with Kayak means you are well-positioned to see success with or without us...

  • by ensuring your website design supports key business goals
  • by designing a website that supports visitor intent and Google
  • by optimizing content, modules, and page layouts for search engines & UX
  • and by empowering your team to improve the results of their efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Program

Are you going to do my job?

Nope. We'll coach you through the process of delivering higher quality messaging. That said, we're going to help. We've created countless campaigns, conducted hundreds of facilitated discussions and workshops, and helped clients solve communications challenges since 1999.

Ideal client or Persona...what's the difference?

Ideal clients are the organizations we want to do business with. Personas are the individuals within those organizations who we want to communicate with.

Why should we hire you? We already know how to do this. We can even follow your outline.

Athletes hire coaches (plural) for a reason. They want to improve. Specialists help them achieve more. We're a specialist who can help you achieve more.

Our business is different. Have you worked with my industry before? Let's see some examples.

Given we've worked with more than 600 organizations over the years, we've likely worked in your industry. But, is that really important? There's something more here than that. YOU are the only one who truly knows your business. We bring marketing and communications expertise and considerable experience to your table. All of which we're willing to share with you. In the process, we'll learn about your business. By combining our expertise with yours, we have an opportunity to achieve far more than either could separately.

That said, some recent participants include:

  • Nemalux LED Lighting (
  • Future Values Estate and Financial Planning
  • The Rewilding Project (
  • Zara Altair (
  • Jet Worldwide (
  • Richards Mortgage Group

Why don't you just do it for me?

You mean like a traditional ad agency? Where you pay a bill and they create something? Where you don't know exactly what was done? Where you don't see results but don't know why? So you hire a different agency and do it all over again? That's why we do it WITH you. So you KNOW what was done, how to tweak it in the future, and how to build upon the success. Improvement becomes possible because you are part of it.

What's the "from $10k" thing? Why don't you just give me a price?

In this area, your organization is different. The challenges and opportunities you face are different from other organizations. Some problems are easy to solve and some are complex. Your team members may have different levels of knowledge or learn in different ways, making for longer (or shorter) engagements. Like any good coach, we adapt our approach to your needs.

What's the schedule and commitment look like?

Generally, weeks 1 through 3 are done via workshops which are 2-4 hours in length. We try to schedule one per week so there’s time to think and do work between each session. Weeks 4 to 6 varies based on what is determined in weeks 1 to 3. We’ll work that out together.

How many leads can I expect as our outcome?

That's up to you. This program equips you for a lifetime of lead generation.