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Your organization is unique. Your onboarding plan should be too. The experienced team at Kayak provides tailored objective-based onboarding services for HubSpot customers using the full HubSpot suite of tools, including Marketing, Sales, Service, Operations, CMS, and the CRM.
Objectives-based onboarding incorporates practical exercises that advance your agenda. It's doing in addition to learning. Leverage Kayak's expertise to implement long-term strategic planning, apply best practices, and make HubSpot work for you.

Kayak goes beyond regular HubSpot onboarding by diving deeper into strategy, while also incorporating practical tools training.
- Oscar Zamorano (Principal Channel Consultant, HubSpot)

Helping 600+ organizations attract leads and grow sales since 2011.

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We offer Objective-based Onboarding. Another advantage HubSpot users have when working with Kayak.

Objectives-based Onboarding (OBO) helps you get set up and achieving your initial goals fast. It's one way to see results while building your familiarity with HubSpot software.

It's strategic, collaborative, and you achieve results faster.

One-size-fits all project plans don't work, because they force us both to work within a rigid framework. That's backwards because it seldom aligns with your goals, blurs what success looks like, and wreaks havoc on making real progress.

The sample plan lower on this page lists tasks, sure. But, each section includes topical discusisons that impact the tasks to be done. Our plans guide the process, offer flexibility, and keep your most important business goals in focus.

You may be wondering when to call HubSpot support, when to utilize the Academy, and when to contact Kayak.

  1. Call HubSpot Support when you have a short-term technical quesiotn.
  2. Visit HubSpot's Academy or Knowledge Base for self-learning.
  3. Contact Kayak when you have longer-term strategic, planning, and best practices questions, and to help you make HubSpot work for your business.
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Lead capture and conversion paths check mark check mark check mark
Segmenting your data check mark check mark check mark
Email marketing check mark check mark check mark
Traffic and website analytics   check mark check mark
Content strategy   check mark check mark
Automated lead nurturing and internal lead assignment setup   check mark check mark
Consulting to migrate/import data from your CRM   check mark check mark
Campaign setup and analysis   check mark check mark
Calculated properties and custom reporting   check mark check mark
Permissions, team setup, and managing multiple brands in HubSpot   check mark check mark
Technical Consulting   check mark check mark
Business Consulting & Coaching check mark check mark check mark


Productivity tools check mark check mark check mark
Overview of your custom sales process in HubSpot check mark check mark check mark
Customization of the CRM for your processes check mark check mark check mark
Baseline reporting setup and review   check mark check mark
Onboarding your team (invite, permissions, and resources)   check mark check mark
Standard sales automation setup   check mark check mark
Turning on standard integrations (App Marketplace/native)   check mark check mark
Consulting to migrate/import data from your CRM     check mark
Routing and managing multiple teams     check mark
Business process mapping     check mark
Custom integration consulting (APIs)     check mark
Technical Consulting     check mark
Business Consulting & Coaching check mark check mark check mark


Set up intake channels check mark check mark check mark
Service meetings setup check mark check mark check mark
Create a customized ticket pipeline check mark check mark check mark
Knowledgebase setup   check mark check mark
Reporting on productivity and closed tickets   check mark check mark
Live chat implementation check mark check mark check mark
Standardized email and chat responses check mark check mark check mark
Ticket automation   check mark check mark
Measuring customer experience   check mark check mark
Managing multiple teams     check mark
Developing support playbooks     check mark
Creating custom dashboards     check mark
Business Consulting & Coaching check mark check mark check mark

Your Tailored HubSpot Objectives-based Onboarding Plan will cover a lot.

This is an example plan. Your plan may look different depending on your business goals, budgets, challenges, opportunities, and priorities.

1. Account and Technical Setup

What we’ll cover:

  1. Invite your team members and set user roles/permissions
  2. Connect your subdomains and configure your settings
  3. Install the HubSpot tracking code and filter out your internal traffic
  4. Set up your email sending domain and CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR (you provide the legal verbiage)
  5. Import your contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and notes
  6. Import your marketing opt-out lists
  7. Configure email types
  8. Connect your social accounts
  9. Discuss potential integrations

2. Capture and Convert Leads

What we’ll cover:

  1. Your customer personas (ideal buyers and their companies if applicable)
  2. Your current customers (are they segmented by type or persona?)
  3. How you currently capture leads on your website
  4. Best practices for lead capture forms on your website
  5. The type of information you are collecting
  6. Lead qualification and disqualification

We’ll discuss and set goals with you on:

  1. Creating better personas based on psychographics (how they think)
  2. Exploring the implementation of advanced forms to pre-segment leads
  3. Creating custom properties that help you qualify leads when filling out forms
  4. Setting up HubSpot's automated lead scoring
  5. Implementing lead scoring based on their sense of urgency

3. Engage and Nurture Your Leads

What we’ll cover:

  1. How you currently assign leads to team members
  2. Your current email automation approach
  3. Contact segmentation
  4. Account-based marketing

We’ll discuss and set goals with you on:

  1. Defining lifecycle stages and ensuring contacts go through appropriate nurturing tracks depending on their stage
  2. Creating your first welcome flow series for a new lead
  3. Adhering to CAN-Spam, CASL, and GDPR laws

4. Automate and Personalize Your Marketing

What we’ll cover:

  1. Review your current email automation efforts
  2. Review your current marketing efforts and campaigns
  3. Review any planned marketing campaigns you have coming up
  4. Review how you currently segment contacts
  5. Review the different segments needing unique information

We’ll discuss and set goals with you on:

  1. Finding manual tasks that can be automated in HubSpot. Developing workflows, lists, and smart content
  2. Connecting your social and advertising tools, and automating tasks
  3. Using custom properties to build target lists

Coaching, Onboarding, Automation, and Web Development Services

As we approach the completion of your onboarding, we'll work with you to determine what your next goals will be. If you’re looking for more hands-on strategic or technical consulting help after onboarding, check out our Coaching Services.

Randy Milanovic - Guided Client Onboarding Certification June 2023

Randy Milanovic - Objective Based Onboarding July 2023

Randy Milanovic - Marketing Implimentation Certification April 2023

Randy Milanovic Solutions Partner January 2023

John Laprairie - Client Onboarding Certification

John Laprairie - Inbound Certification

John Laprairie - Hubspot CMS Developer Certfication

John Laprairie - Objectives Based Onboarding Certification

John Laprairie - SEO Certification



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