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Nureva is a Calgary-based technology company that produces collaborative software and hardware for education and business applications. The organization was launched by the founders of SMART Technologies.

Nureva is well-known for their Span product, a wall-sized touch screen and its companion cloud-based software.

Goals and Objectives

Nureva knew that in order to bring their portfolio of high-end educational technology products to market they would need a robust and well-considered online marketing strategy and professional-grade marketing website.

The new website would need to be fully automated with smart content, carefully crafted advanced forms, auto-responders, workflows and personalized drip campaigns AND be operable by their team.

andrew-80.jpgAndrew Montgomery
Marketing Specialist

I wanted to say thank you for the lunch and content! It was great as per usual.

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We worked closely with the team at Nureva to understand their personas, as well as their competitive advantages. Nureva used strategic insights gained through this work to brief Evans Hunt so they could turn strategy into design mock-ups.

We used the mockups from their ad agency as a starting point, adapted design elements for flexibility and usability, and made it responsive. Every page on the site was considered and reconsidered with the business's goals in mind.

Our ease-of-use best-practices approach helped ensure that Nureva's marketing team would be able to monitor and update their website without waiting for external help.

We built a custom component to allow Nureva's marketers to change the background colour of any of the modules from the front-end, without requiring any coding by the marketer (extending the technical limits of HubSpot's platform).

We also were able to successfully integrate video assets that help tell Nureva's story without sacrificing load times.

And for all of this we created a straightforward, modular system that allows Nureva’s internal marketing team to create new templates that fit the site's styling in minutes.



The redesigned website has solidified and unified Nureva's corporate identity. Its high-end look and feel instills trust, and Nureva's enhanced marketing strategy and blogging efforts have resulted in a 60% increase in visitors and a 200% increase in marketing leads.

Our work with Nureva didn't stop when the site was launched. We have continued to advise on their digital marketing efforts and provide guidance on best practices for both HubSpot and digital marketing. But the true win is that their team is empowered to continue improving and updating their site independently.

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In 2011, we stopped doing marketing projects for the money and discovered how to really grow our business, and yours.

If you've ever worked with an ad agency, web design firm, or even a law firm, you're likely familiar with buying services from companies who sell you what you want to buy. It's very common and the way most small businesses operate; as a vendor.

What many people aren't as familiar with are two alternatives to operating as a vendor. More experienced businesses discover Process and Performance; or Partner and Coach, respectively. We like those words a lot. They open an opportunity to change the discussion from, "how much does it cost" to something like, "if we do X can we improve our results by Y". It's a radically different discussion.

In 2011, we refocussed our services to help our clients succeed. And thus, have removed acting as a vendor from our approach. It has been replaced with a determination to provide leadership and empowerment instead.

In a nutshell, our mission is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.

We are firm in our belief that great content deployed by knowledgeable marketers – like the team at Nureva – propels prospects to act and businesses to grow.