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Kayak's 'FLOW' themes are engineered for lead generation and optimized for SEO.

Our website themes are based on a proven link strategy we've termed "flowww."

Flowww helps guide prospects effortlessly through your website. When "Flows" are executed well, they become sales funnels. It's a proven strategy that does more than convert visitors in decision-maker roles into leads; it creates champions and advocates of website visitors in researcher mode.

The Templates in FLOW themes are available for both the HubSpot CMS and Wordpress CMS. FLOW for HubSpot is available exclusively to Kayak clients. FLOW for WordPress is available exclusively through our Site as a Service, flowwwsites. FLOW may not be purchased separately at this time.

The core "flowww" link strategy:

flowww = our simple and effective link strategy
FLOW = Theme name (HubSpot and Wordpress versions) engineered to flowww
flowww sites = WordPress Sites as a Service engineered to flowww

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HubSpot CMS Premium Templates (theme)

Done with you. For content-heavy websites that focus on metrics and a thoroughly considered marketing program. Closely integrated with our marketing coaching program.

This theme (you are looking at it now) is intended for businesses deploying and measuring content marketing efforts. Available exclusively to Kayak Marketing clients on HubSpot. Kayak is a Hubspot Certified Partner Agency.

  • 6 CMS Page Templates (including Landing Pages)
  • 7 System Page Templates (including Subscription Management)
  • 10 CMS Custom Modules (including custom Heroes, Social, CTAs, and more)
  • Parallax, Hide-able sections, Blog List/Grid enhancements, and more
  • Automations and personalizations setups by the Kayak team
  • HubSpot visitor tracking with advanced Forms, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, and more
  • Integrated HubSpot CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service Hubs (dependent upon your HubSpot subscription)



WordPress CMS Premium Theme

Done for you, or Do it yourself. For the entry-level local business, student, and not-for-profit website.

This theme is intended for service businesses with moderate digital marketing needs. Businesses requiring complex e-commerce solutions are encouraged to look at SquareSpace or Shopify solutions.

Available exclusively on flowwwsites.


  • Pre-installed and Pre-configured best-in-class Plugins (including WordPress SEO by Yeost, Nelio A/B testing, WPRocket, and much more)
  • SSL by Let's Encrypt, Website Hosting via flowwwsites by Kayak
  • Home Page, Inside Page, Landing Page, Blog templates
  • HubSpot functionality is enabled through HubSpot's Plugin and Kayak's own K-HubSpot Connector integration. The integration enables drop-down forms selection in pre-specified locations on landing pages. No need to code, or copy/paste short codes/embeds.

Let's talk about Growing Your Business with Kayak.

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Grow Your Business

We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough in long term relationships. – Mike King iPullRank

In 2011, we stopped doing marketing projects for the money and discovered how to really grow our business, and yours.

If you've ever worked with an ad agency, web design firm, or even a law firm, you're likely familiar with buying services from companies who sell you what you want to buy. It's very common and the way most small businesses operate; as a vendor.

What many people aren't as familiar with are two alternatives to operating as a vendor. More experienced businesses discover Process and Performance; or Partner and Coach, respectively. We like those words a lot. They open an opportunity to change the discussion from, "how much does it cost" to something like, "if we do X can we improve our results by Y". It's a radically different discussion.

In 2011, we refocussed our services to help our clients succeed. And thus, have removed acting as a vendor from our approach. It has been replaced with a determination to provide leadership and empowerment instead.

In a nutshell, our mission is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.

We are firm in our belief that great content deployed by knowledgeable marketers propels prospects to act and businesses to grow.