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The ATB Capital Markets team reached out to Kayak describing website server errors that caused a poor visitor experience.

Alberta's leading investment firm.

ATB Capital Markets is a unit of ATB Financial which provides financial services to commercial enterprises from small businesses to corporations.

Legacy website errors had to be dealt with. Fast.



Migrate to HubSpot

Improve Marketer Access

Empower the Team

Server errors plagued the website.

The live site was in a little-known CMS ripe with technical challenges. Website visitors would encounter server errors and unresponsive pages.

The client was preparing for a large industry conference, and the service provider was unresponsive. The client couldn't afford to arrive at the conference with a broken website.

The website would embarrass the client.

A decision to migrate the website into HubSpot was made.

Thanks to Kayak's stellar reputation, we received a referral and quickly arranged the effort. A pre-migration audit was conducted, a detailed plan was set and authorized, and the project was started.

In order to meet an urgent deadline, the client team agreed to work with us, copying over content while we handled the technical components and training.

Collaboration pays.

Both Kayak's team and the client's team performed admirably, building and launching an error-free, optimized website that helped the client achieve their goals at the financial conference.

Moving forward, the ATM Capital Markets team is empowered to publish content and not worry about the tech.

Randy and the team at Kayak did an incredible job of building a HubSpot site for our team. More than just technical expertise, Randy offered expert advisory and helped us map out our deliverables under a very tight timeline. The team went over and above to ensure that we were set up for long term success. Kayak is now a trusted partner that I would highly and heartily recommend.

- Lori Dundas, Associate Director, Business Marketing, ATB Capital Markets

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Kayak's team worked with ATB's internal team to asses and plan a migration.



The migration has to be exact, so as not to require approvals from compliance.



The client team loved the ability to manage their website content internally.