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The power of narratives

Kayak's strategic advisor Bill Brunton discusses the power and pitfall of narratives. Like technology's "app for that" or "easy button." He also shares that ideas, and how they are communicated, might be the single most important driver of outcomes today. Bill explores:

  • Why doesn’t my organization communicate well?
  • Why are our sales & marketing results less than expected?
  • Why are we stuck in the middle of the performance curve?

There are some fairly common reasons for this, and there are things that business leaders and their teams can do about it, such as implementing a digital strategy based on goals and outcomes, supported by tools.

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A digital strategy focussed on your business goals, online and off.

We work with you to transform your digital presence. Our approach is proven and tailored to your goals following a documented collaborative process that includes strategic coaching, tools training, and project work.

Common efforts include getting all your stakeholders on the same page around business goals and digital transformation, identifying ideal client organizations, clarifying messaging to prospects/customers, and much more.

Rather than selling you a project, we engage with you collaboratively. We determine what's needed together, then build it together. Quite frankly, we can't imagine doing it any other way.


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Working with a team at Kayak has allowed us to develop a lot of insight and corporate knowledge. We worked together to develop our website and some of the digital materials, and Kayak also helped us really understand how to do it better. - Samual Pegosian, Nemalux



Our mission is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.

Everything we do is collaborative. You get a say in what's created and are armed with strategic knowledge to make better decisions. A typical engagement with Kayak:

  1. Digital Audits to Determine Baselines
  2. Marketing Strategy Workshops
  3. Creation or Refinement of a Brand Book
  4. Development of a Website Strategy
  5. Core Templates and Modules Development
  6. Content Editing supported by Strategy (UX, Visitor Intent, and more)
  7. HubSpot Objectives-based Onboarding
  8. Marketing Execution and Coaching
  9. MVP Website Launch
  10. Digital Audits to Assess Progress
  11. Ongoing Coaching + Campaigning (Marketing Activation)
  12. Ongoing Coaching + Strategic Consulting (Report, Refine, Repeat)

Website Content Migration

Your content (images, text, etc) is migrated to HubSpot or WordPress by our dev team and in partnership with you, depending on your goals.

Migrations are a perfect time to address SEO, make improvements to user experience, refine content, and improve functionality.

Consider creating a minimum-viable website with an optimized sales funnel, improved buyer's journey, and messaging focus. It's a great way to publically present your new approach.


Technical Migration and Consulting

Moving to a new platform can mean more than a website redesign. Your website has the potential to become your most important business asset instead of just a fancy brochure.

Imagine the process improvements you can enjoy with lead-qualifying forms that feed into your CRM, sales tools that don't require a lot of manual entry, and that could automatically score lead quality.


Inbound Marketing Consulting

This is a quick reminder that inbound marketing (information) attracts and outbound marketing (ads) interrupts. Both approaches work and the main difference is time.

Prospects discover you via Inbound Marketing when they are asking questions (early in the process, long term) and via outbound marketing when they are seeking answers (late in the process, short term).

A website engineered to address both is smart. There's an advantage on the Inbound side we want you to know about. Prospects who discover you via your Inbound Marketing efforts present you with an opportunity to convert them into champions or even advocates of your products and services. That's big.

It's big because when a prospect becomes an advocate, the price is less important than the outcome. It creates a fundamental change in the way people buy from you.


Kayak's purpose-built website templates are designed to help you qualify and convert website visitors based on their visitor intent.

We begin with a core template set for Home Page, Internal Page, and Conversion Page, then tailor them to match your business goals. Then address aspects of visitor intent and branding.

At the page creation stage, these templates feature all the core functionality most websites need, with headers, heroes, content sections, sidebars, and footers.

With the exception of specialty pages for items like products or case studies, we've found that the vast majority of pages on most business websites seldom require additional templates.

Drag & Drop templates for HubSpot's CMS feature HTML+HubL technologies. All are optimized for technical SEO and Lead Generation. System Page templates (including Subscription Management) are developed so your site runs smoothly, even when it doesn't.


Kayak has been a Hubspot Certified Partner Agency since 2011 and is a Recognized Top User Experience Design Agency by DesignRush.

Let's Talk

We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough in long term relationships. – Mike King iPullRank

The core "flowww" link strategy:

flowww = our simple and effective link strategy
FLOW = Theme name (HubSpot and Wordpress versions) engineered to flowww
flowww sites = WordPress Sites as a Service engineered to flowww

12 questions prospects are asking, whether they know it or not