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When asked to quote a website redesign, prospects typically have a new visual design in mind. Did you know that if you opt to leverage the power of our professionally-developed drag & drop white label templates and modules, that you can save $5,000 on the design/development component of your website redesign?

To be certain we are making the right recommendations for you, we inquire about your sales process...if it is simple or complex, what you sell, how you've traditionally sold it, and to whom. If your sales process is complex, we're going to support development on HubSpot's CMS because the HubSpot CMS displays detailed data on how people engage with your content.

Whereas, if you have a simpler or more transactional sales process, we're going to recommend a more cost-effective solution, such as WordPress in a managed website environment or an entry-level HubSpot CRM Suite. Occasionally, we'll recommend a self-installed WordPress instance if your business has complex technical needs as well.

We view platform selection as an aspect of solving a business problem, and hold no personal preference. That said, we support HubSpot and WordPress CMS platforms as we are highly trained in both.

Our white-label templates for the HubSpot CMS are designed to help you get to market a month faster, too.

The majority of the work we've done in our decade as a HubSpot Partner has been working with clients to deploy HubSpot Professional software. Through our work with more than 600 companies, we've developed purpose-built templates and modules specifically for HubSpot's CMS. Call it a theme, if you wish, FLOW offers white-label templates, meaning clients can get on the fast track to enjoying a modern new website design simply by applying their branding to our existing templates. No need to reinvent the wheel.

FLOW is available exclusively to Kayak clients deploying their websites on the HubSpot CMS. Clients save $5,000 on their website design budgets, because our templates dramatically reduce the development portion of website creation, getting you to market faster.

If selecting HubSpot, take a look at the list of templates and modules we currently have in our collection of white label HubSpot assets:

  • 15 CMS Page templates (including Landing Pages)
    • Home (alternate hero modules)
    • Internal 1CR
    • Internal 2CR
    • Internal 2CR Grid
    • Internal 2CR Product
    • Internal 2CR Repeater Grid
    • Internal 3CR
    • Internal LP
    • Internal LP Contact
    • Internal LPR
    • Internal Tools
    • Search Results
    • Blog List
    • Blog Grid
    • Portfolio (NEW)
  • 6 System Page templates (including Subscription Management)
    • 404 Error Page
    • 500 Error Page
    • Password Page
    • Email Subscriptions
    • Email Backup Unsubscribe
    • Subscriptions Update Confirmation
  • 14 Custom Modules
    • Parallax Section
    • Follow Me
    • Social Share
    • Heroes (image, video, none)
    • Hero Blogs
    • Hero No Button
    • Hide-able Body Section
    • Persona Block
    • Persona Block Repeater
    • CTA Parallax Section
    • Product Grid
    • Logo Lazy Load
    • Image Lazy Load
    • Image Slider Gallery
  • Global Groups
    • Header Group
    • Header Group No Nav
    • Footer Group
    • Footer Group with Widgets






If selecting HubSpot's Starter CMS Suite, it features drag and drop design and access to a design template library. It has some limits: 1 blog, 25 pages, etc. while being crazy powerful for startups. Enjoy an awesome business toolset that includes the Free Tools plus Marketing, Sales, Operations, CMS, and Service Hubs. Starting from roughly $50/month, you can upgrade individual Hubs as your business needs grow. Talk to us first when considering your HubSpot software subscription.


Free Tools











Supported by expert Virtual Webmasters.

Customized layouts, automation, content porting, and more can be implemented by Kayak's virtual webmaster team over at wpSites. Doing so frees up your time to focus on your content marketing efforts, not the mechanics of the website.


Need help growing your results?

Kayak's been there, done that. Our coaching program for marketing and sales managers is designed to be hands-on. Generally 2-hour sessions, our coaches help you improve your marketing effectiveness, close leads, and grow your organization.


Optimized for Google and the other Search Engines

Two of the 3 pillars of SEO, technical execution and user experience, are at the core of our theme. We develop to best practices for stability, security, and user experience.


Kayak has been a Hubspot Certified Partner Agency since 2011.

Kayak is also a Recognized Top User Experience Design Agency by DesignRush.

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We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough in long term relationships. – Mike King iPullRank

The core "flowww" link strategy:

flowww = our simple and effective link strategy
FLOW = Theme name (HubSpot and Wordpress versions) engineered to flowww
flowww sites = WordPress Sites as a Service engineered to flowww

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