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All okay, no delay. DropZone Theme helps get you to market quickly.

We all love custom design and development, but nobody loves the time it takes (not even agencies). And considering the modern, no-code website design environment of HubSpot CMS, that delay (and cost) is entirely avoidable.


DropZone Theme:
Extends the functionality of the HubSpot CMS.


DropZone Theme:
Coexists natively with HubSpot modules.


DropZone Theme:
License holders receive new modules as they're released.


DropZone Theme:
Configures to your brand. Reconfigures to redesign.

Start with a DropZone Theme template or configure your own.

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The first developer theme native to HubSpot CMS

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Check out some of the advanced modules

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Checkerboard Module
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1-2-3 Module (Plan)
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Topics Module

Does this look familiar?

Dramatically reduce the time to website launch!


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Enables DropZone Theme to be installed in your HubSpot portal.

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Kayak sets up templates & global content modules, headers, and footers.

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Build Your Website Pages Fast

Easily populate and modify layouts to support unique content needs.

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Act Now: Purchase a DropZone Theme Portal License, Add-ons, or Premium Support

Portal and Add-on licenses are one-time charges. The optional Premium support (after 12 months) is annual, with an option to set as recurring.

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12 years. 600+ organizations.
Countless client successes.

A HubSpot Solutions Partner since 2011, we launched the DropZone (developer) Theme for HubSpot CMS in 2023 with a goal of saving clients on the time and cost related to website migrations, redesigns, and custom design & development projects on HubSpot.

Frequently Asked Theme Questions

What is DropZone Theme?

We're so glad you asked. DropZone Theme is what's referred to in the business as a developer theme. It features a robust collection of advanced content modules, pre-developed by our engineering team that users can drag and drop onto pages. Basically you can configure pages however you wish. Or, you can take advantage of our pre-configured and UX-optimized page layouts, already optimized for SEO.

Consider DropZone Theme as the foundation and walls of your home, ready for your paint and furniture, fully built to code. It'll likely be the last website theme you'll ever need to invest in because it's easily re-configurable into new designs. The tech is already built, and the experience is no-code. So you'll never face the high cost of traditional website design and development projects ever again. That'll not only save you thousands of dollars, it'll also save you weeks or months of time you'd normally lose to that process.

DropZone Theme features a selection of page layouts and advanced content modules that are installed into your HubSpot CMS portal (Professional or Enterprise level).

How do I get DropZone Theme into my HubSpot Portal?

  1. Purchase a license from Kayak Marketing
  2. We configure and brand it for you.
  3. You get fantastic benefits for 12 months:
    • 10 hours of technical or strategic support during the first year
    • feature updates, new modules, new layouts for one year
    • quarterly priority customer support

Additional Benefits:

  • The theme is yours to use as long as your organization retains access to your HubSpot Portal and a qualifying subscription (CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise is required to load advanced themes).
  • You use the theme to build a beautiful, powerful website on HubSpot CMS. Or, you engage us to perform a migration or redesign for you.
  • Your investment is protected. DropZone Theme is fully covered by warranty. We manage the code for you. Note that unauthorized editing of the code breaks the warranty.
  • Future proof! Reconfigure (design/redesign) the theme to create a new look and feel for your website. No new theme needed. No lost or reset data or reporting.
  • Purchase Premium Support* to renew benefits for 12 months.
  • Subject to Kayak's General Service Agreement applies.

*Purchase Premium Support to regain the benefits, including updates and the technical support time noted above. You are permitted to skip an annual license renewal. If you skip a year, you'll simply lose access to the benefits, technical support, updates, etc until you renew. The warranty remains active.

You can request training under a separate agreement.
You can request technical support under a separate agreement.
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