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Listen now or read Sounding off: we can't solve big business problems alone.

YouX Podcaster Matt Johnson interviews our founder Randy Milanovic on why Kayak doesn’t seek a retainer, how Kayak's business model has shifted over the past decade towards client-centric outcomes, and the convergence of agency and business consultancy.

Matt's discussion with Randy uncovers how to use inbound marketing to vet UNqualified prospects, the core aspects of Kayak's digital marketing program, and how Kayak elevates the conversation from tasks to results through intentional collaboration on projects with you.

Creating powerful websites as a HubSpot Partner since 2011. In that time we have helped 600+ organizations attract new leads and grow their sales. We were a Calgary 2013 Small Business of the Year finalist, and our founder was a 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee.

Over the years, we’ve helped clients market all manner of products and services, including consulting, shipping, jets, smartphones, high-rise towers, rock crushing rigs, heirloom tomatoes…almost anything you can imagine.


In 2011, Randy founded Kayak. It was right after beating stage 4 cancer. Upon his return to the office, he felt compelled to transition our approach from done for you, to done with you. That one little word "with" altered the traditional agency-as-vendor business model to one of collaboration and partnership. In essence, we have been a challenger brand since 2011, changing the way agencies work by being more customer-centric, empowering, and collaborative.

Instead of the usual smoke and mirrors pageantry of pitches meant to entertain and sway you towards hiring us, he asks that you work with us. To elevate the conversation to what really matters…our mutual success. Yours, because your business stands to benefit greatly from our guidance and experience. And ours, because we will have earned your future recommendation.

We know what our best-fit ideal client looks like. As a result, we don’t take on every opportunity that comes up. Managing our capacity is a big part of our commitment to collaboration and partnership and client success.

What does engaging us look like in practice?

  • you roll up your sleeves and join in: collaboration and empowerment are central to your success
  • we tailor our plan to your situation: we create a digital roadmap that is flexible while containing critical actions, tasks, and deliverables
  • you grow your business: because you participate in it, you become empowered, and you create champions
  • we work to make the complex, simple: by maintaining a “keep it simple, smarty” approach

If this resonates with you, please do reach out. We're happy to chat.

Lead Qualification & Lead Generation Websites

A new website won't solve your business problems without sound business and marketing strategies. 

Our goal is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself. We guide you through everything from technical fundamentals to advanced marketing strategies. Your success depends on it.

Objectives-based Onboarding

Objectives-based Onboarding (OBO) helps you get set up and achieve your initial goals fast. It's one way to see results while building your familiarity with HubSpot software. OBO is task-oriented and collaborative. And, you achieve results faster because you participate in the execution of tasks.

Guided Client Onboarding

Guided Client Onboarding is for organizations that can benefit from marketing guidance and strategic coaching. It includes aspects of OBO, along with strategic marketing workshops and website design/development services.

HubSpot CMS Website Development

Our Hubspot templates are structural, meaning they may be used on multiple pages, regardless of content. Both templates and modules are designed and coded to be easily editable by both marketers and developers at the template level. Kayak's approach to website templates could possibly mean this one may be the last web development effort you'll ever need to do.

Your Kayak website on HubSpot will outperform other websites.

Boost Your Business

We help business leaders improve the ROI of their marketing investment. Our goal is to help you grow your business by guiding your team towards attracting and qualifying leads. Plus, we'll modernize your website's design.

Get Better Results

We help sales and marketing managers improve the results of their website efforts. Our goal is to implement advanced digital marketing strategies. Plus, we automate and modernize your website's design.

Create a Better Website

We help entrepreneurs build their websites right this time (or, for the first time). Our goal is to help you attract & convert quality leads online through an agency-grade website and automate lead management in HubSpot.
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Our mission is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.