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Ameego is a Canadian-based company that provides online, automated scheduling software for restaurants. Their software combines dozens of factors to automatically build a schedule that works for managers and staff alike.


Goals and Objectives

ameego-hero-screenshot-bbAmeego wanted to rebuild their site on HubSpot so that they could make more of their online marketing opportunities for lead capture. They also wanted to position their software as the best online scheduling software for restaurants across Canada and the United States.

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Working closely with the team at Ameego, an entirely new website was created that focused on the specific benefits the software delivers for decision-makers in restaurants and their influencers. We then crafted specific content flows for each to speak to the benefits they were looking for in restaurant scheduling software and how Ameego would deliver.

Ameego knew that testimonials were going to play a huge role in building trust and helping to persuade large multi-unit chains to install Ameego's software, so they provided us with compelling video testimonials from some of their major restaurant partners. We delivered a design that made video the hero and kept all the video testimonials prominent and easy to navigate on the homepage.

ameego-video-testimonial-470 ameego-persona-grid-470


After utilizing existing offers to greater effect, adding new offers, and channeling prospects through the correct content funnel for them, landing page submissions and new contacts jumped by over 300%. Our email campaign coaching helped increase email performance by over 20%. Overall, leads increased by over 100% compared to the same period prior.

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