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Attract and convert your most ideal customer, and deploy a website that converts the other 95% of website visitors, too.

Participants gain incredible insight into website visitor behaviour, lead qualification strategies, conversion optimization techniques, and sales strategies that result in real business growth. Website deployment is on WordPress, Powered by HubSpot.

Core program components:

  1. Discovery Workshop
  2. Persona Identification Workshop
  3. Website Creation or Optimization
  4. Coaching Program 1

In this program, clients have two options (both are collaborative): a) fully coach-led where the client creates their own website under expert guidance, or b) our team deploys your site for you. This program utilizes Kayak's premium themes for WordPress and Hubspot, speeding the time to launch.

heather-spurrell-100Heather Spurrell

375% increase in deal value closed. I did it! I re-listened to the part of our call from yesterday about pricing and value, and got totally grounded in the value I bring. My new client literally said, "I think that's a really worthwhile investment".


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Marketing Workshops:

  • Business discovery workshop
  • Persona identification workshop

Website Execution:

  • Website fundamentals
  • Automation and personalization
  • Website visual design
  • Website structure for lead gen
  • HubSpot implementation
  • Offer visual design
  • Website launch

Conversion Strategy:

  • Persona communication
  • Conversion optimization
  • Links matter
  • Search optimization
  • Write for lead generation
  • Create advocates and endorsements
  • Grow your value and your revenue
  • Convert with better offers
  • Optimize your CRM

Compare our growth programs.

Engagements run either 6, 12, or 18 months.


Grow Your Business

From $60-250k+

A comprehensive marketing program for businesses focussed on growth.

The program is collaborative, following Kayak's proven approach.

Strategic, creative and technical execution efforts are shared.

The core program includes:

  1. Discovery workshop
  2. Personas identification workshops
  3. Kayak's digital roadmap
  4. Marketing creative
  5. Website design and deployment for persona pairs
  6. Kayak's coaching program levels 1, 2, and 3:
    • digital marketing fundamentals
    • digital marketing strategies
    • advanced growth strategies.

Grow Your Results

From $30-60k

A growth-enablement program for Sales & Marketing Managers focussed on improvement.

Participants execute website upgrades working with their team members, guided by a dedicated coach.

The core program includes:

  1. Discovery workshop
  2. Personas identification workshop
  3. Website design and deployment for primary and secondary personas
  4. Kayak's coaching program levels 1 and 2:
    • digital marketing fundamentals
    • digital marketing strategies

Grow Your Leads

From $15-30k (this page)

A website deployment program for entrepreneurs, startups, and those wishing to create a powerful website.

Participants execute an agency-level website guided by our business website experts.

The core program includes:

  1. Discovery workshop
  2. Personas identification workshop
  3. Website design and deployment for primary persona
  4. Kayak's coaching program level 1:
    • digital marketing fundamentals

Set a foundation for success.

  1. Business Discovery Workshop: A collaborative discussion with key stakeholders in search of business insights.
  2. Persona Identification Workshop: Decision-maker/Buyer and Influencer/Researcher
  3. An introduction to Converting Actors (decision-makers) and Creating Advocates (researchers/influencers)
  4. Optional: Secondary Persona Identification Workshop

Achieve High-quality Conversions with Optimized Content that flowwws

Create content that connects to convert your ideal client(s) and transform their influencers into powerful advocates.

  1. Content Planning & Site-Mapping Workshop (with a discussion on crafting Content that creates flowww for Personas.)
  2. Site Navigation & Links Workshop (resource: the art of flowww book)
  3. Content Creation: Persona Page (Kayak task)
  4. A discussion on crafting Compelling Offers (resources: Content Mapping Toolkit, White-papers and Books)
  5. Content Creation: Persona Offer Page, Persona Contact Page
  6. Content Creation: Home Page (Kayak task)
  7. Content Creation: About the Organization (with a discussion on crafting About Pages)
  8. Content Creation: Leadership Team

Achieve Flowww with Optimized Website Pages

Website design and development, page assembly, asset creation, plus forms and email messaging creation.

  1. Branding Collateral Review/Refinement Session
  2. Apply Branding to Site Theme
  3. A discussion on conversion copywriting for Headlines and Subheads in the Hero
  4. A discussion on determining and displaying Social Proof
  5. A discussion on website security, file-naming, and file management
  6. Assemble Home Page and Craft Persona Blocks (Kayak task)
  7. Assemble Persona Page (Kayak task)
  8. Assemble Persona Offer Page, Persona Contact Page
  9. Assemble About Page
  10. Assemble Team Page(s)
  11. A discussion on Blogging for Lead Generation
  12. Export/Import and Optimize Legacy Blog Articles
  13. A discussion on Modern SEO and Ranking with Google
  14. A discussion on business communications in Social Media

Achieve Flowww with an Optimized CRM

Putting it all together. Manage your leads with effective segmentation.

  1. Qualifying questions in forms
  2. Creating effective lists
  3. Creating effective emails

Close More Deals

Transition persona insights and flowww strategies into your sales activities.

  1. Lead Scoring Based on Sense of Urgency
  2. Exploratory call to determine Fit
  3. Scoping and Constructing your Deal
  4. Perception of Value vs Price
  5. Buying or Selling within the 3Ps of Product, Process, and Performance

Achieve Flowww with Optimized Link Placement

  1. Hero Section
    • Main Navigation
    • Button(s)
  2. Content Section
    • Persona Block(s)
    • In-line Links
    • Contextual Navigation
    • Calls-to-Action
  3. Footer Section
    • Footer Navigation

Growth Indicator


Core to our program and participant transformation is an understanding of three common business approaches: Product, Process, and Performance.

  • Product: focus is on transactions.
    Low perceived value: vendor.
    Companies engaged in a product approach drive revenue based on sales volume. Customers purchase 'things'.
  • Process: focus is on consulting.
    Medium perceived value: partnership.
    Companies engaged in a process approach drive revenue based on time. Customers purchase 'improvement'.
  • Performance: focus is on leadership.
    High perceived value: leadership.
    Companies engaged in a performance approach drive revenue based on knowledge and experience. Customers purchase 'outcomes'.


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