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Our goal is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.

We guide participants through everything from technical fundamentals to advanced marketing strategies. See each coaching level's descriptions for specific details and optional add-ons.

Participation means seeing more meaningful results from your digital marketing efforts. Pairing your subject matter knowledge with our expertise is core to achieving results. We tailor coaching sessions, topics, and assignments to the needs of the participant...a little or a lot.

Coaching #1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Participants are guided through the technical and creative aspects of their website. We cover all the core topics from file management to page creation to copywriting and menu/link strategy in our weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.

  1. File management & URLs, redirects, file-naming
  2. Conversion Copywriting (Craft copy & visuals for personas)
  3. On-page Link Strategies (navigation, buttons, side nav, inline)
  4. Create & edit website pages
  5. Website security fundamentals

Coaching #2: Digital Marketing Execution

Participants cover digital marketing best practices, from lead generation to search optimization, reputation management, as well as advanced forms creation and personalization in our weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.

  1. Optimizing your content for SEO
  2. Advanced on-page link strategies
  3. Reputation management
  4. Personalized communications
  5. Blogging for lead generation
  6. Link attraction & creation for SEO
  7. Visual design fundamentals
  8. Digital advertising fundamentals
  9. Forms optimization (qualify/disqualify)
  10. Social media activity for business growth

Coaching #3: Advanced Growth Strategies

Participants explore high-value strategies designed to propel growth. Topics are covered in weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.

  1. Content hubs and pillar pages (demonstrate your topical leadership)
  2. Perform an analysis (SWOT) on your competitor's website
  3. Boost online sales with customized landing pages
  4. Grow your web presence rapidly

Sales Coaching - Add-On

Learn and implement sales strategies based on who you are working with.

  1. Sales copywriting based on awareness
  2. Sales prioritizing based on urgency (TEMO)
  3. Improve perceived value
  4. Understand buyer roles and importance
  5. Pricing strategy
  6. Identify ideal clients

CRM Basic Setup or Review - Add-On

Designed to match your website's lead generation strategy.

  1. Add personas
  2. Create persona-based lists
  3. Create persona-based properties
  4. Create persona-based sales email templates with automated personalizations

CRM Implementation and Automation for Sales Teams - Add-On

  1. Migration from Salesforce or other CRM to HubSpot, includes list grooming
  2. Deal Stage and Pipeline Optimization
  3. Calls Setup
  4. Email Template Creation
  5. Setup Lead Scoring
  6. Setup Workflows and Automations
  7. CRM Training and Sales Integration Setups for sales team
  8. Setup Chat assignments

Citations - Add-On

For local businesses. We have a service create up to 80 profiles on recognized websites (like,, etc)

  1. Order citations
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In a nutshell, our mission is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.