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Helping a Canadian PCB firm buck the trend of customers going offshore


Omni Circuit Boards is a prototype circuit board (PCB) manufacturer based in Richmond, BC. Before working with KAYAK, they were locked in a low-margin bidding war with other seemingly identical vendors.

Omni’s website was complicated and their sales focus was on price rather than value, expertise and service. Lastly, their online quoting system was incredibly techical, lengthy and overly complicated at 90+ questions (sadly, an industry norm).

Goals and Objectives

omni-circuit-boards-heroKAYAK was engaged to create a credible, contemporary website with improved lead capture approach capable of generating new business online (the company's only source of new leads).

Grow Your Leads


omni-circuit-boards-mobileIn order to separate from the prototype PCB pack, Kayak made a recommendation to emphasize customer service over price and to do away with the long, complicated quote forms. Prevalent on so many printed circuit board websites, we decided to create a much simpler 3-question quote request form for Omni.

Although Omni would require the submission of artwork files to prepare a quote, the task of analyzing the details was shifted to their in-house team, drastically simplifying the process for prospects. Interested buyers now only needed to answer 3 or 4 questions to receive the quote, plus upload their files. And, given OMNI already had the art files, the project could go into production almost immediately upon quote approval.


With a cleaner look, well-crafted content plan, and improved lead capture tools in place, Omni immediately attracted a 600% increase in inquiries (leads) during the first month and saw 50% of those converting into new customers. After three months, the website was generating an astonishing 250% increase over leads beyond those initial successes, with an incredible 70% conversion rate. And, Omni Circuit Boards jumped up Google search results with an incredible five-page one results on their target keywords.

omni-circuit-boards-estimator-470    file-2881211078


SEO benefit: following Kayak's ethical content marketing strategies have helped Omni Circuit Boards to grow Google search traffic dramatically, and gain an incredible 144+ target keywords Page 1 Ranking (over 80 top 3 results).


A Feature in TIME Magazine

time-magazine-cover-smallEighteen months from launch, KAYAK, and OMNI teamed up again to present the company’s Aluminum Trace Case Study and design guide. The case study, based on a circuit board OMNI developed for DWave Systems, attracted the attention of CERN, NASA, and Google. DWave's quantum computer ‘Infinity Machine’ containing OMNI's circuit board then went on to be featured in TIME Magazine.

Photograph by Gregg Segal.

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