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Facebook advertising campaign boosts target web page views by 16,000% and new users by 392%

abm-college-programs-placed-bbABM College is one of the leading career training institutions in Alberta and Ontario. Providing students with professional training, academic knowledge, and the right skill-set to get job ready.

Goals and Objectives

ABM College asked us to help them build awareness for their business administration and massage therapy programs among adults aged 18-34 living in Jamaica, Mexico, and Venezuela.

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Social media advertising can be a powerful tool – but only if you have a good grasp of your target audience and how to frame what you’re selling in a way that works within the platform.

KAYAK worked closely with ABM College to determine the right marketing message. Based on our discussions, we recommended the carousel style of ad within Facebook as the tool that would be the best fit for the message and the target audience. Once that was complete, we worked to write and design ads that spoke to the benefits of living and learning in Canada at ABM College. This allowed the ABM team to understand the marketing strategy behind social media advertising and then replicate the approach for each new market they were targeting.



abm-college-international-studentsKAYAK’s coaching and support, and the ABM College team’s ability to pick up the ball and run with it meant that they could create 6 different targeted Facebook Carousel ads promoting their courses for the price of our team building just one of them. They were able to attract over 50,000 new users to their website over a 90 day period, generating more than 174,000 page views.

And they were armed with the experience to repeat the process as often as they need – knowing KAYAK is in their corner for marketing coaching and support as needed.

To top if off, the holistic approach we take with every client resulted in the generation of new student inquiries nearly 10x the college's enrolment capacity.


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