Digital marketing activation will change how you attract new customers.

Stop interrupting people’s lives with sales messages. Start attracting your best prospects using quality, relevant, and helpful content.

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Stop interrupting people’s lives with sales messages. And start attracting your best clients with quality, relevant, helpful content that establishes you as a trusted source of information and assistance.

Digital marketing to help you generate leads and attract loyal customers

A lot of traditional marketing works on repeated (expensive) exposures that are intrusive. Digital (inbound, content) marketing, on the other hand, works by attracting the right people to you with information they want.

Marketing efforts are focused on information and good will which in turn leads to qualified sales down the line.

The real goal of website lead generation is to get qualified prospects to find you, learn about what you do and how you do it, and to learn to trust you – before ever meeting you.

Kayak's inbound marketing process to conversions

Because everything we do is built with an eye towards growing your bottom line, we will work with you to optimize your content to make sure you have targeted content that aligns with different segments of your sales and lead-generation cycle:

  • Top of your sales funnel (searchers who are just beginning to look for information)
  • Middle of your sales funnel (interested prospects who want to learn more)
  • Bottom of your sales funnel (those who are now familiar with your company and ready to make contact)

Together, this content will create a system you can use to attract prospects online and turn them into genuine sales opportunities week after week, and month after month.

Move qualified leads through an automated sales funnel

Unlike a lot of marketing campaigns that start online but end with you or your sales team making weekly phone calls to prospects who feel pestered, our process is built on automated points of contact. We work with you to create quality content that is layered throughout your sales funnel — with broad topics and downloads at the top and more substantial in-depth resources and contact opportunities at the bottom — allowing your prospects to decide how much to engage with you at any point in time. This changes your role from that of the salesman to that of a trusted consultant who can offer valuable assistance.

Inbound Marketing Consulting will help set your team apart

For many companies, launching a new website is where the work stops - not for KAYAK. For us, that’s when we roll up our sleeves and start working on sharing our inbound marketing knowledge with your team. For six months after launch, we will work with your team. Coach them. Consult with them. Share with them. Guide them through everything they need to know about online marketing best practices and how to make the most of your new lead generating website. Participating in KAYAK’s Inbound Marketing Program is like having a personal coach for your business.

Gauge progress with meaningful metrics

As you know, not everyone who visits your site will buy and not everyone who can buy from you is a good prospect. At KAYAK, we don't want you to have to guess about how your internet marketing campaigns are doing. Our focus is on helping you to get more sales opportunities from your website, and we measure our progress accordingly. We use industry leading tools to continuously monitor and assess your website health. By studying search engine rankings, social activity, visits and page viewing trends, we can identify what’s working for you and what we need to do to keep improving in the future.

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