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27 not-so-random questions every business marketer should ask their team and expect to be asked by their marketing partner.

Covering everything from metrics to roles, challenges and operations, strategies and markets, the most effective client/agency relationships are strikingly transparent. (Tip: these are the easy questions. We have more that go much deeper.)

  1. Tell me about your company, from a 30,000-foot view.
  2. Tell me about your role. What do you do day-to-day?
  3. What metrics are you responsible for?
  4. Tell me about your goals (financial, customer-related, operational).
  5. What are your biggest business challenges (operations, sales, marketing, etc)?
  6. What do you feel is the source of these challenges?
  7. Which one is your biggest priority? Why?
  8. Why hasn’t it been addressed before? If addressed, what was the outcome?
  9. What do you think could be a potential solution? Why?
  10. What would a successful outcome look like?
  11. Do you have a plan in place to address this challenge?
  12. What are your primary roadblocks to implementing the plan?
  13. What’s your anticipated timeline for implementation?
  14. Is this challenge adequately funded?
  15. Do you own the budget? If not, is the budget owner an “executive sponsor”?
  16. Have you engaged a marketing firm previously? Are they an incumbent, participating (or not) in new efforts?
  17. What is your company's process for engaging with a marketing partner? Are there legal or procurement considerations we should be aware of?
  18. Any potential curveballs?
  19. How can I help make this easy for you and your team?
  20. What are your measurable marketing goals (marketing qualified leads)?
  21. What are your measurable sales goals (sales qualified leads, won deals)?
  22. What does your ideal customer look like (organization)?
  23. What does your ideal customer (individual) look like?
  24. What makes them ideal?
  25. What are your customer's biggest motivations?
  26. Which comes first, 'Raise Awareness' or 'Change a Behaviour', relating to your offering(s)?
  27. What do you do that others can't?

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