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Turning Black Earth’s passive web traffic into leads with a focused marketing strategy

blackearth-team-at-the-farm-progress-showBlack Earth Humic LP is a company that creates humic products that are highly effective for a wide range of applications in the agricultural, environmental and industrial sectors. The owners are passionate and extremely knowledgeable. Over the years, they have amassed volumes of information on each.

Goals and Objectives

Black Earth came to Kayak looking to update their website. Their original objective was simple, give them a new look and a new website they could manage on their own. But in life, things are rarely simple and often what you want isn’t what you really need.

The more we learned about Black Earth through our discovery process and communications brief, the more we understood how much they could benefit from an inbound marketing website built on the Hubspot platform.



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A new look was a given. But beyond that, we worked closely with Black Earth to refine marketing efforts to better align with their different audiences, as well as incorporate website visitor tracking and social engagement tools. We wanted to ensure that each campaign, and an accompanying piece of content, had a logical structure that would lead to new sales opportunities.

Content optimization was key and required not only a re-organization of content but an extensive rewrite as well. Although terms like chelating agents, mitochondrial respiration, and oxidative phosphorylation surfactants were scientifically accurate, they left the company’s biggest group of website visitors overwhelmed.



While we were proud of the visual update we did back in 2011, it’s what we did behind the scenes that made the biggest difference. Within 24 hours of launching the new website, the company's website quality score surpassed the vast majority of its competitors. Within a single day of launch, the Black Earth website quality score jumped by 35 points. In the days following the launch, the client suspected there was a problem with her phone as it was vibrating non-stop. Turns out, it was due to all the automated alerts from new website conversions.

Black Earth is now equipped with a website that has logical lead generation pathways and the means of tracking successes and identifying areas in need of improvement. With help from our team of experts, Black Earth is positioned to see (and measure) improvement and the ROI of their website like never before.


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