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Family owned business redeploys website with KAYAK and dramatically reduces overall web and advertising budget

The Garage Door Company is a Calgary repair business that offers both garage door repair and installations. One of their points of difference in the market is that they offer 24-hour service and can often be there to help customers within the hour.


Website Design Goals and Objectives

garage-door-company-hero-bbWhen the client came to KAYAK, their website, social and Adwords were being managed by a directory company for a significant fee.

The Garage Door Company asked about having more control of their online marketing efforts and reducing costs, which were:

  • $4,000/month or $48,000/year for website maintenance,
  • $1,000/month or $12,000/year for social media maintenance,
  • Additionally, the directory was charging them a 30% commission on their Adwords expenditures and prompting the client to increase their budget at every turn.

As a small local business, you can see why they started to feel like their costs were getting out of control.

While going through the discovery process on what the directory had been doing for them, some disturbing things came to light.

  1. The directory company set up and therefore owned/administered the client’s Adwords and social accounts and, as a policy, didn’t allow clients administrative access.
  2. The website, blog, and social accounts weren’t being deployed or utilized following current best practices with an aim to create real connections, improve SEO or capture leads (although the AdWords appeared to be working fairly well to attract callers).
  3. When requested, the directory company’s reluctance to grant the client access to the AdWords account meant that AdWords stopped running (which lead to a loss of business).

garage-door-company-infographic-page-470 garage-door-company-caturday-infographic-470

Let's Talk


garage-door-company-blogKAYAK’s process was to start at the beginning, with a thoughtful marketing strategy and plan to reach the garage door repair team’s best customers. Next, we focused on content optimization, coaching the client on how to match their marketing personas with content that would help inform visitors, grow credibility and prompt action.

Then it was time to tackle their website, designing and developing a new search-optimized website which included giving the client access to edit and update as needed. Lastly, we showed them how to apply the same concepts around content optimization that worked for their website towards an AdWords PPC campaign – without paying a commission – and still be confident in the results they would achieve.


garage-door-company-placed-bbThe redeployed website was launched on WordPress and with KAYAK’s coaching, the client was empowered to create and deploy the type of optimized website needed to attract leads.

Additionally, for their PPC campaign, KAYAK showed how to put the owner’s inside knowledge of the business to work via the much simpler AdWords Express, creating ads that were specific to their customer’s pain points without paying a 30% commission. For the Garage Door Company, this meant that instead of paying the directory company $15,600 AdWords commission, they only paid KAYAK for 2 hours of time or $250. The best news was that their self-directed (commission-free) efforts were able to attract 10x the customers!

The directory's previous ongoing costs of $4,000/month for their website maintenance and $1,000/month for Social maintenance disappeared. And the client gained the knowledge to run their own new business generation efforts.

Garage Door Company Online Cost Overview


Maintenance Costs

  Directory KAYAK
Website & Marketing $0 $60,000
Website Maintenance $48,000/year $0
Social Media Maintenance $12,000/year $0
1-Year Total $60,000 $60,000
5-Year Total $300,000 $60,000

If we do some simple math and look back at the directory company’s 5-year cost to the client for their website and social media maintenance, the number would be somewhere around $300,000, plus AdWords commission of approximately $78,000, for a grand total of $378,000. Add another year and we're awfully close to half a million dollars.

Supporting Advertising Campaign

One more thing... we set up a 6-month search advertising campaign for this client. Since running client ad accounts is not a core business at KAYAK (we usually advise while clients execute), we ran Adwords Express ads instead of full Adwords. To hedge our bets, we also hired a PPC firm, to run another campaign.

The results:

  • Marketing360: Budget: $5k, Customers acquired: 41 Cost Per Customer: $122.00
  • KAYAK: Budget: $15k Customers acquired: 540 Cost Per Customer: $27.77

Thus, the campaign created by KAYAK that was based on our knowledge of the client's prospects appealed to customer pain points instead of shotgunning keywords and then filtering them with negative keywords performed 4x better.

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